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TAKUMA®, a way of life!

Features the only efoils for legal use in Canada
Propulsion by Yamaha® turbine drive
Magnetic Kill Switch by BbTalkin‘®
eFoil legal in Canada - Transport Canada
Safety, Performance, Quality Takuma®
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Improve your style!

eFoil – WingFoil - SurfFoil and more...
Vidéos Kite Camps - Cours KIte et eFoils
Kujira®, a revolutionary foil!

Kujira®, a revolutionary foil!

Inspired by humpback whales

Easy take-off - Responsiveness
Maneuverability - Control

Vidéos Kite Camps - Cours KIte et eFoils
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TAKUMA® has several offices around the world, in Japan, France and New Caledonia and a large number of distributors around the world, including eFoil Surf Canada®

Designed and used by professional surfers. A name recognized for uncompromising quality and as a leader in boardsports innovation.

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