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Action photo Efoil Carver 2 Takuma®
The new TAKUMA® eFoil Carver 2® has been redesigned by our R&D team and tested intensively in real situations by board sports champions such as the famous surfer Matahi Drollet to finally offer you unparalleled increased power and maneuverability.

Expect to perform aggressive carving (turns) and other acrobatic tricks like jumping waves, thanks to its perfect combination of lightness and flexibility..

The TAKUMA® eFoil Carver 2® is ideal for those who want more but remains accessible for the novice who wants to go beyond their limits.

At the heart of the TAKUMA® eFoil Carver 2 JET® You find thrills where performance and control in any situation become an intimate and defining experience of your individuality.
This is probably why the prestigious company Porsche® has affiliated with TAKUMA® for the creation of its promotional video for the Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo entitled “The Power of Silence”.

Porsche® and TAKUMA® 2021 promotional video

logo yamaha
Water Jet Turbine
High-performance Brushless Motor
logo yamaha
Bluetooth Remote Control
WATAIR® Cooling System
logo yamaha
Electronic System
Battery Cell - Same as TESLA®   

The experience of literally flying above water!
TAKUMA®, products tested intensively in real situations
TAKUMA® name is recognized worldwide for its innovation and the uncompromising quality of all its products. Behind the logo is our famous R&D team supported by advice and numerous tests in real situations by professionals and sports lovers.


The eFoil Carver 2 Jet® board from TAKUMA®

This new generation brings many modifications from our famous eFoil Carver®, now recognized throughout the world.
The new design of the Carver 2® dramatically reduces drag and vibrations, which optimizes comfort and improves control for an unforgettable carving and gliding experience in rough or calm seas.
eFoil Carver 2 TAKUMA® - General View
  • The Carver 2® board is now lighter and more compact. Its optimized volume offers incredible performance and more instant responsiveness
  • We've reduced the size and weight of our Electronic Speed Control (ESC), making the eFoil lighter, reducing battery consumption and allowing longer sessions
  • New external Bluetooth antenna for a foolproof connection, even under the waves and before takeoff for heavier riders
  • Addition of strategically placed handles for easy carrying and boarding
  • Insertion to the hull of attachment points for a handle used with a trolley to help transport to and from the beach

New Cooling System WATAIR COOL®
Develop with our partner  logo bb talkin, specialist in waterproof Bluetooth connectivity for sports equipment.
Patent pending, WATAIR COOL®  allows excellent cooling of the cruise control and the battery pack using both water (in start-up mode) and air (in foil mode). The whole system is more efficient and ensures increased longevity of all the electronic equipment (battery pack, ESC speed controller, etc.).

The WATAIR COOL® system is a big advantage over what is offered by other eFoil manufacturers.
New double concave hull profile with new special ultra-smooth resistant finish
TAKUMA® eFoil Carver 2® - Double Concave Hull ProfileThe double concave hull with a new ultra-smooth finish developed by TAKUMA® minimizes water drag and makes the eFoils Carver® boards and SurfFoil TK-CK® boards faster and more stable at take-off and allows entry into mode. foil (leaning on the fin) easy and fast, even at low speed.

TAKUMA® Surf Foil board construction technologies
• May vary - For informational purposes only
TAKUMA® Surf Foil Board Construction Technologies
  • Diamond-shaped EVA® non-slip deck surface
    - EVA® is the most advanced material for its durability and its anti-slip and anti-vibration properties (3 times more efficient than rubber).
    - Gives the surfer a strong and comfortable grip at any angle in wet or dry conditions.
  • Internal design designed, adapted and tested to maximize performance according to the type of Surf Foil (eFoil, Surf Foil, etc.)
  • TAKUMA® uses high strength 3k carbon fibre
    3k carbon fibre is used in critical parts in industry like ;
    aerospace, aviation, automotive, marine and sporting goods for their incredible qualities ;
    - 5 times stronger and lightweight than steel - Flexible but extremely resistant to shocks and deformation - Resistant to high temperatures and liquids
  • - Exceptional structural strength resistant to fatigue in intensive use
  • Finishes and final protective layer of shell ultra smooth and hyper resistant to abrasion and blows

logo takuma tech gravity black frIncorporation of the famous TAKUMA® G-Deck® (Gravity Deck) into the Carver 2® board
* See illustration above.
The G-Deck® (Gravity Deck®), is a revolutionary new ergonomic design feature found on all TAKUMA® Surf Foil boards that have been perfected and ported to the eFoil Carver 2® board.
  • This hollowed and curved contour around the deck coupled with the non-slip EVA® surface allows the surfer to have a solid and more natural foot support resulting in better control and exceptional balance in all situations and at all angles.
  • The G-Deck® allows an ideal and comfortable position of the body and will give you more confidence during rapid accelerations or to perform more extreme acrobatics or “carving” (turns).
  • Allows water to flow quickly during departures and in submerged situations.

The Remote Control

The remote control for eFoil TAKUMA® with safety leashMade by  logo bb talkinespecially for TAKUMA®
  • Our new remote control with a waterproof case has a simple ergonomic design that makes it intuitive to use
  • Easy to get started on your first try
  • Pairing with the ESC (Electronic Speed Control) is fast and constant in all situations
  • Clear visual of the charge of the main battery pack and that of the remote control
  • Vibrating and audible low battery warning
  • Cruise control mode
  • Turbo “Boost” Button
  • A built-in safety system stops the board when the remote is dipped underwater
  • Come’s with high visibility ergonomic floating leash


  • A built-in safety system that stops the board when the remote is dipped underwater.

The TAKUMA™ propulsion module

Propulsion module for Takuma propellers efoils
  • We have redesigned and modified the profile of our anodized aluminum mast to improve its rigidity which improves hydrodynamic performance and eliminates drag and wave impact. Also, you will experience decreased vibrations which allow the effect of gliding or flying above the water.
  • The weight and the powertrain were reduced thanks to the use of high-end components and materials while allowing speeds up to more than 30km/h.
  • 4 kilowatt brushless motor (4000 watt) designed and built exclusively for TAKUMA® bylogo yamaha
  • Premium quality 43.2V - 35Ah Li-Ion battery pack built exclusively for TAKUMA® logo samsungSame cells as TESLA® 
  • Quick charge (charger included) - With visual charge level.
  • Autonomy of about 90 minutes. (according to the conditions of utilization).
  • New reinforced 65cm mast with innovative top tie plate design.

The 1500 cm2 Takuma Kujira® foiling wing

With its design inspired by the Humpback Whales, the foil thrust wing Kujira® all Carbon has become a worldwide star for all SurfFoil enthusiasts.

The TAKUMA® Kujira foil thrust wing — Simply a revolution!!
Watch this video about TAKUMA®’s inspiration for a design that has become a success in the foiling world.

Porsche® allied to TAKUMA®  in this 2021 promotional video

Efoil Carver 2 with Kujira helium foil from Takuma
  • The TAKUMA® eFoil Carver® normally comes with a 1500 cm2 Kujira® front foiling wing which we recommend for its phenomenal response and performance that is making headlines in the foiling world.
  • The full carbon Kujira® wing offers responsiveness and maximum control whether in the swell or during tight turns or aerobatic mode.
  • Allows unequalled acceleration and great stability when starting or landing jumps.
  • Control your board effortlessly whether at low or high speed.

*OPTION : Nothing prevents you from getting a smaller or more efficient wing when you have gained confidence.

See how to choose your foil thrust wing

About the Experience! !

Experience the exhilarating experience of flying silently above the water in complete freedom without the need for wind or waves.

The TAKUMA® eFoil Carver 2® is fast and extremely engaging for the water sports athlete and also easy access for future champions..

Its modular system allows quick assembly and disassembly for transport and storage and the possibility of changing the foiling wing to adapt your eFoil to your skills or conditions.

Engineering based on real-world testing coupled with uncompromising premium construction from well-known builders (logo yamaha, logo samsung, logo bb talkin…) which assures you reliability and pleasure, being the basis of the success and recognition of the TAKUMA® brand throughout the world.

Action photo Efoil Carver 2 TAKUMA


Watch our videos, live the eFoil Carver 2® TAKUMA® Experience


Drive & batterie:
  • Autonomy: about 90 minutes (depends on your weight and conditions of use).
  • Charging time: approximately 2h50 (220Vt) 3h20 (110Vt) with visible charge level.
  • Maximum speed: ± 35km/h with the 1900 cm2 foil lift wing (subject to size and conditions)
  • Propulsion module: High efficiency 4000 Watt (4KW) brushless motor developed by the famous manufacturer logo yamaha especially for TAKUMA® efoils.
  • Battery: Li-Ion 43.2V - 35Ah developed by logo samsung especially for TAKUMA® eFoils— Same cells as TESLA® 
  • Remote control: built specifically for TAKUMA® by logo bb talkin with easy pairing and a built-in safety system that shuts down the board when the remote is dipped underwater or if there is a loss of communication.
  • Clear indication of battery charge with visual and vibrating low charge warning.

• The TAKUMA® Board
  • Lightweight EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) core and fibreglass layers
  • High-density PVC foam on the entire standing surface
  • Shell and rail reinforcements and carbon fibre handles
logo takuma carbon fiber white fr white frlogo takuma deck reinforcement white fr white fr

• Thruster and foil assembly

  • Foil lifting front wing, rear stabilizer wing & fuselage: Carbon Fibre
  • Mast and attachment points: high grade anodized aluminum
  • Propeller: high grade anodized aluminum
logo takuma aluminium anodized white fr white fr
EPS foam (expanded polystyrene foam)?
EPS foam is used in modern quality surfboard construction and has big benefits
  • A lighter eFoil, which makes the efoil more responsive and also provides better buoyancy allowing for quick starts and facilitating more extreme maneuvers..
  • better structural integrity protecting your board against hard impacts and deformation
  • EPS foam, unlike cheap alternatives, is recyclable.

eFoilSurf® & TAKUMA® — We are serious with the environment!

Please, contact us before disposing of a TAKUMA® product — We can help!
TAKUMA® has developed ways to recycle most of the constituent elements of its products to do its part in protecting the environment..
Batteries, motors, boards, masts, foils, remote controls, wings, etc.
logo takuma recycling white frlogo takuma battery recycling white fr

  • Board: 63” x 30in  - 160cm x 76.2cm — Volume de 150L
  • Fuselage: 25.6in — 65cm
  • Front foil lifting wing Kujira Helium®: Surface:  232.5in2— 1500cm2Wingspan: 35.8in — 910mm
  • Rear stabilizer wing Kujira®:Wingspan:  7in — 178mm

  • Approximate weight of the packaged product:  (coming soon...)
  • Total weight (with battery 35ah)(coming soon...)lbs — (coming soon...)kg
  • ESC :  3.75lbs —1.7kg
  • Mast/motor length and weight:  25.6”in / (coming soon...)lbs — 65cm / (coming soon...)kg
  • 35Ah Battery weight :  (coming soon...)lbs — (coming soon...)kg
Delivered with:
  • Efoil board with its TAKUMA® carrying bag
  • Bluetooth remote control BBTalkin®
  • Aluminum propulsion mast with motor Yamaha®
  • Fuselage with front foil lifting wing Kujira Hélium®  TAKUMA®  of 1500 cm2 and back stabilizing wing — (all carbon fibre)
  • Mini ESC (electronic speed controller)
  • Battery 35Ah Samsung® and charger
  • Antenna Clips
  • Box and assembly screw set + TefGel® (stainless steel protective paste for corrosive environments (sea water, long storage...)
  • instruction manual
Instruction Manuals :
Flyer Efoil 515.02 KB
Technical details of the eFoil Takuma130.52 KB
eFoil Cruising Takuma® User Manual6.01 MB

Videos :

Important Videos on Use and Safety for your TAKUMA® eFoil®

The basics of eFoil control and security
Learn how to set up, pair and charge your remote control
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