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* WK - Wing Size:

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TAKUMA® WK 900® WingFoil Wing in flight
Rarely does a sport become a craze so quickly. Wing Foiling adds incredible driving power to the sport of Surf Foiling. They also give you complete freedom to effortlessly propel yourself with a control that surpasses the inherent stiffness of Wind and Kite Surfing.

TAKUMA® has developed this new WK® Wing for you on its experience acquired over many years with this incredible sport

The Wing WK 900® wing is a lightweight, durable, high-quality wing using the best materials to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

See this video of the new TAKUMA® Wing WK® in action!
Imagine the pleasure of mastering the wind!

See the new TAKUMA® Wing WK® in action
The TAKUMA® WK 900® wing takes your fun to new heights!
TAKUMA®, products tested intensively in real situations
TAKUMA® name is recognized worldwide for its innovation and the uncompromising quality of all its products. Behind the logo is our famous R&D team supported by advice and numerous tests in real situations by professionals and sports lovers.


The WK 900® Wing from TAKUMA®, innovation and quality:

The WK 900® has a special structure that creates perfect tension in its sail while keeping a stable geometry even at the most demanding moments.

wings wk takuma takuma 3The highlights of the new design:
  • Easy to use even for novices and will exceed the demands of sports pros.
  • The contoured and inflatable leading edge and the rigid central edge offer a geometry almost undeformable which can boost thrust or provide starts or movements very soft.
  • Sail tension is optimized at all times and especially efficient, even when going upwind.
  • Great stability and control in all situations.
  • Its choice of spans allows customization of your size, your requests and your foiling conditions.
  • The new sail cut eliminates flapping.
  • Ergonomic semi-rigid handles allow a firm and pleasant hold that connects you directly to the wind.
  • And more …
An advanced handle system to give you ultimate comfort and total control.
This new system combines the experience of TAKUMA® and numerous tests and suggestions by professionals and Wing Foil enthusiasts in real situations.

• The handles with long openings are strategically placed along the main edge to facilitate an intuitive grip at all angles allowing complete freedom to the surfer in the positioning of his hands while ensuring comfortable control.
• They are made of a semi-rigid, extremely durable and non-slip material that remains comfortable even after long rides. Another handle is located on the nose of the kite and allows you to control the kite with one hand and also to position the kite at a dead point for quick tacks.

big wing wk 900
Click to see the TAKUMA® WK 900 wing in detail.

 Premium construction, no compromises built for performance and durability:

TAKUMA® is recognized worldwide for using the best materials and recent technologies in all these products.

wings wk takuma takuma 2The highlights of the new construction:
  • Wing fabric is made of three-layer “Ripstop” tear-proof, light and durable fabrics..
  • Added Kevlar® reinforcement on leading-edge seams..
  • Also, protective parts for the tips of the wing in Kevlar® to resist abrasion and ensure longevity
  • Semi-rigid ergonomic handles in an extra durable, non-slip and very comfortable material
  • and many other construction innovations that improve performance and durability

How to choose your TAKUMA® WK 900® wing?

• The choice of a wing depends on the wind speed at your favourite places where you plan to practice your Wing Foil.
• Your weight is also taken into account for your choice.
• The chart here will help you choose the right-wing size for your needs. The board wants to maximize performance, but also comfort.
Wing WK TAKUMA® - Size selection guide
Surfer weight
    Wind velocity
    In knots (knts) — 1knts = 1.15mph = 1.85kph
Kg Lbs 12-18kts 18-25kts 25kts+
40-60 110-132 4.3m 3.5m 3.5m
60-70 132-154 4.3m 3.5m 3.5m
70-80 154-176 5.2m 4.3m 3.5m
80-90 176-198 5.2m 4.3m 3.5m
90-100 198-220 5.2m 4.3m 4.3m
100+ 220+ 5.2m 5.2m 4.3m
    Optimum wing size
• Help tables are for reference only .
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About the experience!

No other sport can approach the same feeling of mastering the power of the wind as Wing Surfing with the new WK 900® wing from TAKUMA®.

Use its great lifting power to literally fly and jump over the waves or glide along the water in full harmony with nature.

This versatile wing can power your favorite board sports in all seasons on any surface.
More and more users tell us that they use their wings to propel themselves with different types of snowboards or wheels, skis and skates, whether on land, sand, ice or snow.

One thing is certain, whether you use your WK 900® in imaginative ways or for Wing Foiling, you will be won over by its handling, performance and durability!
Aile Wing WK 900® de TAKUMA® - Une façon de vivre !


Watch our videos, live the experience of the TAKUMA® WK 900® Wing


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