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* Ladder Sold Separately:

eFoilSurf® Inflatable Docks & Pontoons
The eFoilSurf® inflatable floating island dock is the perfect solution to erect a dock with the advantages and performance of a traditional dock (without the disadvantages) in a few minutes.

Disassemble quickly and has the big advantage of staying in your garage for the winter. Less expensive to buy than a permanent structure and requires less maintenance. eFoilSurf® docks or platforms can easily accompany you to the chalet, for holidays or during an event.

Its highest quality construction, demanded by the watercraft and inflatables industry, will give you many years of service without the expensive maintenance costs of traditional solutions.

Advantages of our inflatable dock:
• Heavy duty construction
• Transportable, easy assembly and disassembly
• Virtually maintenance-free
• Less expensive than traditional solutions
• Stay safe in the garage in winter

eFoilSurf® inflatable docks — Construction without compromise!

eFoilSurf®, products tested intensively in real situationss
For us, The name eFoilSurf® is important. Behind the logo, there is a team with the same desire to provide quality products and services for lovers of outdoor sports.



A construction without compromise

The EfoilSurf® floating island stands for our name, and we demanded from the builder the best materials and construction method used in the watercraft and inflatable structures industry.

Made of high-density DWF (Double wall Fabric (Drop Stitching material)
This material is widely used in industry and has proven its ability to build inflatable structures of great solidity, practically non-deformable with foolproof rigidity. Our DWF offers commercial-grade water resistance, UV protection, flame resistance, non-toxic, smooth and comfortable, and not susceptible to corrosion by seawater and other contaminants.

Remark : DWF is a sandwich of water-repellent material woven and fused between two flexible PVC membranes separated by a system of threads welded to each of them. Once inflated, this wire connection system produces an extremely strong and non-deformable connection to the whole.

Illustration explaining the DWF material used for efoilsurf® inflatable docks

Some uses of DWF:
  • “Zodiac” type boats, docks and pontoons
  • inflatable surfboards
  • swimming pool and liquid container
  • gym mats and first aid mats
  • inflatable structures of temporary extreme use for birthday and occasion
  • temporary emergency shelters
  • and more

Reinforcements and assembly
  • construction and assembly and all reinforcements are fused and heat welded
  • sides reinforced with 3 layers of material for added strength and rigidity
  • additions of reinforcements at all joints and important points

Deck in EVA® imitation teak wood

EVA® material is now widely used in industry to replace rubber. In addition, EVA® is much more resistant to wear, blows and acids and has or improves the same qualities. It is flexible and soft, non-slip even when wet, anti-vibration and comfortable. The bridge is also fused and inseparable from the whole.

Other particularities
  • High-strength 4-corner anchor pocket provides improved dock stability in open water
  • Easy connection valve and compatible with high-pressure pumps
  • Stainless steel D-rings for dock anchoring
  • Ultra-strong tie-down points on the top of the dock. Perfect for attaching a boat, personal watercraft, windsurfing board or other aquatic equipment.
  • Extreme quality control
  • Delivered with a repair kit and an electric pump
  • Delivered with a carrying bag
  • Compliant with EN14960, EN15649, CE, EN71-2-3, M2 certificates. Approved for the international market..
  • Warranty — 1 year (under normal use)

Descent ladder in stainless steel (+ 359$)

About the EfoilSurf® inflatable dock and platform!

The eFoilSurf® inflatable dock costs much less than traditional docks and floating platforms and has obvious advantages:

  • less expensive to purchase than traditional solutions and without expensive maintenance
  • Will have the same or greater longevity with minimal attention
  • Can be easily carried and assembled where and when you need it in minutes by one person
  • Carry it to the cottage, for special events or vacations, or to replace your current solution
  • No more costly disasters to traditional structures after winter at the ice breakup, because your dock will stay on the shelves of your garage for winter
  • Made for Canada and will stand up to heavy use
eFoilSurf® Inflatable Docks & Pontoons - Image 2


Technical details
  • Quick assembly and anchoring. Carry bag included.
  • The highest quality materials and construction used in the inflatable boat industry
  • made of DWF (Double Wall Fabric) (drop stitching material) which makes all inflatable structures virtually undeformable.
  • UV protection, non-toxic, stainless steel fasteners,
  • overall and anti-corrosion with seawater and contaminants
  • Sides are reinforced with 3 layers of material for added strength and rigidity.
  • Additions of reinforcements to all-important joints and points.
  • Quick assembly and anchoring

* Our products comply with EN14960, EN15649, CE, EN71-2-3, M2 certificates. — Approved for the international market.

In option :
  • Stainless steel ladder (+ 359$)

*1 year  — (in normal use)
Dimensions : 3 m x 2 m x 0.2 m / 10' pi x 6.6' pi x 8 po
Weight : 20.4 Kg / 45 lbs
Transport bag : 71 cm in diameter by 90 cm high (28 inches x 36 inches )
Delivered with
  • A high pressure electric air pump
  • A transport bag
  • Each set comes with a repair kit

In option :
  • Stainless steel ladder (+ 359$)
Instruction manuals:
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