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Action photo 1 — LOL ProFoil® from Takuma®
Designed and tested by the renowned Foil pro, Laurent Borgna. A versatile foil that adapts to all types of glide and situations. The TAKUMA® LOL ProFoil® is very efficient and allows have unparalleled control and maneuverability.

The LOL PoFoil® is offered in three sizes; 1300, 1600 & 1900 which represent the area of the forward foil thrust wing in cm². This, allows you to choose your foil to adjust to your weight, your expectations and the conditions and type of water boards sports you practice (Sup foil, Wing Foil, Surf Foil, etc.).

The quality of its innovative design and careful construction in carbon fibre and aluminum established the reputation of the LOL Profoil® by Takuma® throughout the world of foiling.

One of the most affordable foil Boards with incredible performances in all situations. For all levels and sizes of surfers in all types of boarding sports, such as Sup foil, Wing Foil, Surf Foil, etc.

Treat yourself to Takuma® quality for guaranteed pleasures.
TAKUMA®, products tested intensively in real situations
TAKUMA® name is recognized worldwide for its innovation and the uncompromising quality of all its products. Behind the logo is our famous R&D team supported by advice and numerous tests in real situations by professionals and sports lovers.


LOL Profoil® Series Design Points

• Design by Laurent Borgna
Laurent Borgna, a member of the Takuma® product design team, has used his long experience in kite and windsurfing and foiling to design revolutionary products like the LOL Profoil® and the newest worldwide success, the Kujira® foils. Of course, Laurent tests his concepts himself.

• Addition of upturned wingtips
This important innovation added to all its Foil lines (Kujira®, Kujira Helium® and LOL ProFoil®) reinforces stability, improves control, reduces drag and improves performance. These smooth-edged fins are designed to be more efficient and less aggressive..

The LOL Profoil 1300® from TAKUMA®

This 1300 cm² hydroFoil is versatile, ultra-efficient and exceptionally precise to handle. The 1300 is the smallest foil thrust wing in the series. It offers excellent glide, high performance and extreme turns. The stabilizer (small rear wing) differs from the LOL Profoil 1600® and 1900® configurations.

It is the ultimate option for surf foiling. It will offer incredible performance in waves and downwind. Design for speed, this foil is surprisingly stable. Its greatest innovation is provided by the fins rolled up on the tips of the wing and folded over on the rear stabilizer wing. This revolutionary system creates more lift, minimizes drag and increases stability and performance.

The LOL Profoil 1300® set is the perfect choice in tailwind, strong wind or big swell situations.
For advanced to beginner levels surfers ready to take on the challenge.
LOL Profoil 1900 Takuma®
  • Design innovant ultra-performant, virages extrêmes
  • Stabilité et contrôle précis et immédiat
  • Option ultime pour le Surf Foil
  • Excelle dans les grosses vagues et par vent arrière (downwind)

 The LOL Profoil 1600® from TAKUMA®

This 1600 cm² hydrofoil combines extraordinary versatility and ease of use and performs very well in any situation. Its innovative design features and the Profoil® signature are the rolled-up tips of the foil wing and folded over on the rear stabilizer wing. This feature reduces the drag and gives the Profoil 1600® exceptional maneuverability and stability which makes gliding particularly fun.

The 1600® foil assembly is ideal for foiling in waves and provides very good speed performance downwind.

  • The LOL Profoil 1600 is one of the most versatile hydrofoils on the market!
  • It is the ultimate choice for intermediate surfers or newcomers ready to accept the challenge.
  • It will also be able to surprise the most advanced "Riders" with its magnificent performance in any situation.

The LOL Profoil 1900® from TAKUMA®

The 1900 cm² hydrofoil is a good choice for medium to heavy riders and will offer good performance in less rough waters and downwind situations. It's incredibly intuitive, easy to use, and offers unparalleled stability. Take-off in foil mode is fast and offers incredible stability in flight. It offers the same innovative wingtip design (Foil and stabilizer) of the series. It is the best foil of the series for downwind.

The famous foil surfer Clément Colmas came in third place at the M2O, the legendary Hawaiian race going from Molokai to the island of Oahu with a LOL Profoil 1900® from Takuma®.

The LOL Profoil 1900® is the perfect choice for medium to heavy riders who want to practice the sport comfortably.
It is ideal for your first Foil attempts and will surprise surfers of more advanced levels.

* Available as a complete set only

About the Experience!

The new LOL Profoil® series is a flagship of TAKUMA® products.

This foil is recognized throughout the world for the quality of the glide it provides. Its choice of sizes meets all "Riders" whether novice or expert and will allow the highest performance, great stability and precise control in all situations.

Its legendary adaptability to your favourite water board sport, whether Sup foil, Wing Foil, Surf Foil, will propel your pleasure to new heights.

The LOL Profoil® from Takuma® offers you high-quality construction based on the long experience of Takuma®. It has been designed and extensively tested by the famous New Caledonian boardsports pro, Laurent Borgnia and other surfers of all levels.

The result will win you over and bring you many hours of pure pleasure!

Action photo 2 — LOL ProFoil® de TAKUMA®


Watch our videos, live the experience of the foils LOL Profoil® from TAKUMA®

New Kujira Foil® from Takuma® - Inspired by humpback whales.

The most versatile and high-performance foil ever built.

The new Kujira Foil® from Takuma® - Inspired by humpback whales.

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It's simple, the Kujira Helium® excels at everything and in all conditions

The ultimate Foil, the Kujira Helium® from Takuma® - Inspired by humpback whales.

Porsche® joins forces with Takuma® for a joint advertising video.

Porsche® Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo
TAKUMA® eFoil Carver

Porsche® joins forces with Takuma® for a joint advertising video.

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Technical details for the 1300 et 1600 cm2 foils only!
To obtain the perfect rear wing angle with a 1300 cm² or 1600 cm² front wing, we recommend using a shim (included), this is pre-installed on the fuselage.
Note: No shims are required for assembly with the 1900 cm² front wing.

details profoil 1300 1600 shim
  • Carbon fibre front foil thrust wing and stabilizer wing
  • Anodized aluminum
*See the information for the choice of foil wing sizes

LOL profoil 1300®
• Forward foil thrust wing
- Surface : 1300 cm²
- Wingspan : 790 mm
- Chord : 210 mm

• Rear stabilizer wing
- Surface : 270 cm²

LOL Profoil 1600®
• Forward foil thrust wing
- Surface: 1600 cm2
- Wingspan: 865 mm
- Chord: 245 mm

• Rear stabilizer wing
- Surface: 300 cm2

LOL Profoil 1900®
• Forward foil thrust wing
- Surface: 1900 cm2
- Wingspan: 1030 mm
- Chord: 250 mm

• Rear stabilizer wing
- Surface: 300 cm2
   * Mast sold separately  

Delivered with:
  • Transport bag
  • Mounting screws (Torx M6)
  • Foil Screw (Allen 30 mm M6)
  • Stabilizer wedge (1 mm & 1.5 mm)
Instruction Manuals :
Takuma® Hydrofoil User Guide1.87 MB

Videos :

Takuma® LOL Profoil® Hydrofoil Videos

The most revolutionary foil on the market.
How to assemble your LOL Profoil® Takuma®
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