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* TAKUMA - Aluminum Mast Set 65/75/85:

See our article for the choice of mast size
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Action photo Mât foil Aluminium 65/75/85® de Takuma®
Takuma® 65/75/85® aluminum foil mast assemblies
The set includes the mounting plate to the board, the mast, the fuselage, the pre-assembled screws and a carrying case.

Takuma® aluminum masts are constructed with premium aluminum and offer excellent stiffness for maximum performance. An all-new redesigned profile minimizes flex and increases stiffness. This same design eliminates drag and maximizes comfort in flight. The fuselage also has a new, more refined profile for maximum rigidity.

We have designed an innovative fixing top plate for more solidity that incorporates our new universal fixing system, simplified and more efficient. It makes setup quick and easy, allowing you to maintain the exact same position each time you attach the foil.

The assembly was modified to be as compact as possible in order to reduce the number of screws used.

Three sizes available 65/75/85 cm

Expect more direct responsiveness and improved vibration-free glide!

TAKUMA®, products tested intensively in real situations
TAKUMA® name is recognized worldwide for its innovation and the uncompromising quality of all its products. Behind the logo is our famous R&D team supported by advice and numerous tests in real situations by professionals and sports lovers.



Anatomy of a Foil Takuma®

Analysis of a foil from top to bottom and the important elements of its design

  •  the board and mast connection point. (Fixing Plate)
  • The length of the mast is its design and construction
  • The stiffness and length of the fuselage, the attachment points of the wings and their angles of attack
  • The forward thrust foil wing
  • The rear wing
  • The conditions you will encounter in practicing the sport

Three important points that influence the performance and possibilities of a foil are:
The forward thrust foil wing , the mast length and the Conditions in which you will foil.
Your experience in foiling should also be taken in consideration.

Be sure to do business with a renowned company like Takuma® with no compromise on the quality of its products and has an established reputation for excellence in the world of foiling around the world.

Choose your mast:

• I'm new to foiling ?
Generally, a shorter mast and recommended. It is easier to control and more stable. Is more direct response helps the newcomer quickly enjoy his first sessions. The falls are also a little less intense. Some experienced riders still use them for the same reasons. The longer mast allows the board to lift more off the surface and allows you to fly over more pronounced waves. It allows maintaining better control during tight turns in very choppy water. A long mast and high stance require better balance and control, which can make learning more demanding.

• Foiling in shallow water?
If you plan to foil along the edge of the shore or in shallow water, where there are a lot of tall seaweed or sand & stone banks.
It is obvious that a short mast will not only be beneficial, but safer. In addition, its more instantaneous reaction time can also allow you to avoid contact. The longer mast will be a little more likely to get tangled up in tall seaweed or worse, hit an obstacle in shallow water. Especially if you are new to the sport and add the slightly less instantaneous reaction time of a long mast.

• Foiling in big waves and very rough water or at high speed?
Here, a longer mast is generally preferred, as it ensures that the foils are always underwater and remain submerged and effective at all times. This allows you to keep good control of maneuvers and avoids violent fallouts, imbalances and falls.
A short mast in rough water will result in more collisions between the board and the waves making the glide less comfortable.
The short mast will cause the foil wing to emerge more often from the surface reducing control. On the other hand, the short mast retains its superiority in terms of stability and responsiveness.

• Moving and maneuvering by pumping?
The short mast requires a little more energy when you use the pumping method (piston movement on your board) to push on the water to move or stay or go up in foil mode because you have a shorter distance to do it. The longer mast gives a longer push time which requires less energy and will be a bit more efficient.
Note : of course, the surface of the foil thrust wing is of enormous importance for pumping maneuvers.

• Choice of mast by type of glide?
For the surf foil, depending on the conditions and qualities and disadvantages mentioned above, you can choose what suits you in our whole range of sizes between the short mast of 65 cm, our intermediate of 75 cm or our long mast of 85 cm.

For Tow foiling (pulled by a boat), Wake Foil (foiling in the wave of a boat), Kite and Wing foil, a longer mast is often preferred, such as our 75 cm for beginners and the 85 cm for the more seasoned.

In summary.
By its nature, a short mast will be easier for beginners but will be less versatile than a longer mast once you get more experienced. It can be a good companion in shallow water and calmer waters with long waves. Some pros will like its stability and responsiveness.

The longer mast will be more pleasant and will allow good control in very rough waters and big waves. It is generally considered more versatile. Given the higher stance, it makes the surfer/foil combination a little less stable and requires more confidence, also its slightly less direct control can also make learning more difficult for the novice.

  • The weight of the surfer does not influence much the choice of a mast. It will rather be the choice of the foil thrust wing that will determine your elevation on the surface. Of course, in extreme cases, a longer mast can make a small difference.
  • Mast length has very little influence on speed. Takuma® masts have been extensively tested in the laboratory and the difference in the drag coefficient between a short or long mast will be almost imperceptible
action takuma aluminium mast 3


Points of construction
  • Premium quality aluminum body construction
  • New redesigned profile minimizes flex and increases stiffness
  • Compact and easy assembly
  • Innovative fixing top plate

Innovative fixing plate
We have designed an innovative simplified top fixing plate for more solidity that incorporates our new universal fixing system. It makes setup quick and easy, allowing you to maintain the exact same position each time you attach the foil.
mast foil set alu 65 75 85 takumatop plate 1mast foil set alu 65 75 85 takumatop plate 2
the top fixing plate board to mastSizes available
65 cm
75 cm
85 cm

* See our article for the choice of mast size
Delivered with
Set including:
  • la platine de fixation à la planche
  • The mast
  • The fuselage (to attach the foil wings)
  • Pre-assembled screws
  • A carrying case
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Our phone: (514) 990-0255