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Features the only efoils for legal use in Canada
Propulsion by Yamaha® turbine drive
Magnetic Kill Switch by BbTalkin‘®
eFoil legal in Canada - Transport Canada
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Kujira®, a revolutionary foil!

Kujira®, a revolutionary foil!

Inspired by humpback whales

Easy take-off - Responsiveness
Maneuverability - Control

Vidéos Kite Camps - Cours KIte et eFoils
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Choosing the volume of your Takuma® SurfFoil CK board ?

Choosing the volume of your board depends on many factors and requires a little understanding of the sport.

Some of these factors:
  • Your level of experience in boards sports on the water
  • The type of water gliding you would like to practice;  WingFoil (propelled by a Wing)SUPFoil (propelled by a paddle)SurfFoil (propelled by the waves) • others...
  • The kind of places where you think you can practice your sport.
  • Your weight is also an important factor in your choice..
This table only gives an overview of the optimal board volume.
Conveniently, communicate with us, we are here to help you. (use the links below)

Takuma SurfFoil Board Volume Choice Table
Example :
If your weight is 70 kg (154 lb) and you are a beginner in WingSurfing.
You should take a board with a volume of around 85 litres.
• Help tables are for reference only .
Let eFoilSurf® Guide You in your Choice!
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Our phone: (514) 990-0255